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Thread: Recover my account

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    please help i lost my account how can I get it back
    it was linked in Gmail my email is
    my account was

    id: 110528482
    name : Fu Yao🪶
    server: 624
    level: 21
    vip level: 8

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    I lost access to my main account
    Old ID: 27779229
    GPA: GPA.3327-5744-4165-50804
    New ID: 134955113
    Server: 164
    Please restore at the earliest

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    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post
    Dear Liege,
    Sorry that we can not find this id 17668152, would you please confirm if the id 17668152?
    If you want to keep the progress, please login the Google+ or facebook account first, and then start the app from your PC. Thanks.
    You can also go to setting-> account-> switch account and then log in the linked account.
    Best Regards,
    Hello I play on server 546, my name is MacchuPicchu player id: 91960197 there and I lost my phone!!! My problem is I don't remember the gmail account email I used to link this account. I need help to find the Gmail account email I had used please!! My bubble will drop in less than 36 hours and I'm scared of losing my entire game!!

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    Recover my Account

    Recover my account

    My account is unlink due to my phone suddenly restart when I login, possible help link it back in order I can login again.

    My detail as below:-
    Name: Kang M@z
    ID: 75569037
    Server 462
    Google play email :

    Hope you can response me as soon as possible.


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    Recover my account


    My old account has been lost, the game failed to load and it was continously stuck on connecting...

    Please help me recover my account.

    My details:
    Current I.D: 136983868
    Name: Lv 10 AlexndrGreat
    Server: 791
    Alliance: Union of the World (UoW)
    Level 10

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    Any updates on recovery of my account.. please let me know..Ram

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    Lost access to my farm account on server 632 for which I am the alliances R5 of BFF-BeastFarmFriends. ID# 118394467 -LilWhis&Sass. Was linked to my google play at Kindremark41.

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    I created my account on an Android but I can't seem to link it to the website.
    mobdro download
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    Hi Evony team,

    I accidentally deleted my old account and I backed up wrong account in google play.

    This current one I created new as was told to me through online help.

    Server - 724
    My old id is 122257526
    Monarch name - KOSHAQ

    Please I need my old account back as I was progressing quite well.

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    Hello, I've instaled the last update and it started a new game for me. I can't log in my account now
    Ingame name:4emkocmb
    Keep lvl:25
    If any info is missing, please contact me and tell me how to retrieve it.

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    My account is hacked
    Please help me Evony team
    Ingame name: PK_01

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    Pulihkan akun saya

    Id : 139959522
    Server : 578
    Nama : Lv 6 w@ngi ه
    Saya kehilangan sebelum menautkan ke akun Facebook dan Google play.
    Mohon bantu saya dapatkan kembali.

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    Hi. Help restore my account. Server 727. Name B🥵om. id122671783.
    My new indicator id142723364

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    Hi I have lost my account (SATAN|HM) could you please help?

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