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Thread: Recover my account

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    My account is unlink due to my phone suddenly restart when I login, possible help link it back in order I can login again.

    My detail as below:-
    Name: General Seb
    ID: 179181943
    Server: 1067

    Hope you can response me as soon as possible.


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    Hello there!
    I need help to recover my account. Somehow my email got disconnected to my account, and I donīt have a facebook id linked to my Evony account.
    Now I can not access my Evony account using my email, can you please help me? SVS is about to start and my precious castle is unbubbled Iīm going to lose everything... Please help me!

    My ID: 207518105
    Monarch: MuhGul
    My email :
    Server: 1233
    Alliance: BRD

    Thank you so much!
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    I crash my phone 2 days ago; my old id:180954254: Nelutzu78, alliance ROK, server 1078. I have install evony on pc,but don't let me to move to server 1078,because already monarch is level11. thanks

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    I want torecover on pc the old id:180954254

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    When it comes to your personal freedoms, nothing is more important than your privacy. In the digital age, it's easier than ever to be tracked down by anyone with an internet connection. A good VPN service and good white label vpn solutions can help protect any user from these types of threats as well as other online dangers like identity theft and online scams.

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    My account unlinked itself from my google account . I just took over an account for an old player, I can no longer contact this person as they have quit. I haven't bought a pack yet for this account, I've only had it for less than a week. I've done everything Customer service has asked, start a new one and provide info, as well as recent activities on the unlinked lost account, EXCEPT provide a pack purchase receipt. I've explained I have no access to any receipts. Is there any other way to recover this account ? Half of my alliance is trying to contact the orginal owner. But no luck. 🥺😭💔

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    I have been locked out of Facebook and cannot access my main profile after creating this one. Player ID#206347849, ShaitansMuse, server 1226, alliance WOW, level 26, culture Japan.
    Please assist !

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    Hello it's about 4 hours to KE and my phone restart and have lost email link to my account. I need urgent help to avoid getting Zeroed:

    Server Name: 1165
    Googleplay game Name: JudderGodlove1
    Monarch Name: Streamoflive
    ID: 196028609

    Thanks for help

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