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Thread: Recover my account

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    Hi there somehow my main account unlinked after I switched over to my alt now I canít seem to switch back

    Name: Monkey D Maki
    Player id: 192920206
    Server: 1150
    Alliance: DIV
    Apple ID:

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    Hi team evony,
    on the first day of june,i lost my cellphone where i log in my account in evony game,now i log in my facebook account to recover my game,but my evony account does not exist im here asking for your help to recover my old account from server 446 named M@RÄ0$ lv 34. id:189484488.
    and now i creat new account at server 446 and the id no,im hoping that you can help me recover my old account,thaks and godbless team evony

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    Hi, I'm a new player. And for the past 2 weeks I've been playing Evony on an ipad, Today I tried to transfer my account over to my phone. My mom then switched to her account on the ipad before I could link it. So when I went into Evony on my phone I was left new account.

    Both accounts are in server 1251
    My Lost account ID : 243681744
    My New account ID : 244612787

    I linked my new account to my game center account. Also neither account has ever purchased anything.
    My first SvS is tomorrow and i'm freaking out a bit
    Any help would be so appreciated

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    Lost my account
    I have by mistake unlinked my account and list access to it.
    Account Name: Cheese Dip
    Account Id: 208577826
    Server -588
    Kindly help me recover the account asap

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    I lost my phone, my previous account is not linked Maha R Prata ID is 215952205.
    current device, I tried but new account open. Rana२ I'd 253209427
    I need to connect that account, so migreat server 1264. Please help me on this as priority, KE jis running in lost lot approx 80% Power.
    Current, detals are Rana२

    Thank in advance

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    Hello my account name is LidLiid I lost my phone got a new one but I need my old account back please help

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    القدفقدت حسابي الرايسي176953811. وهاذاالحساب الجديد186906132

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    كيف يمكناني اعدت حسابي الرايسي

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    مرحباكيف يمكناني الوصول الاحسابي الرايسي176953811. الخدم810وهذا الحساب الحديد186906132

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    My linked gmail for my account was disconnect help me to recover my account

    lost account id: 185751286
    Lost account number: MBIDAIGO

    Current id Player id =257399409
    Player Name=Monarch257399409

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    Help helppp

    Help me to recover my account please

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    I need help recovering my account. I did not link it. Username Turtle7234 ID 258307858 Server 1230. Help please!

    My ID I have on my device now is 196580192….that’s the one I don’t want. Please help me restore my game!!
    Last edited by Turtle7234; 09-21-2023 at 02:44 AM.

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    Need help getting my account back.

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