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Thread: Recover my account

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    Hi ,

    Please help me access my account ID: 86754119 and link it back to my game center id : ravens.aki


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    Hello evony team i also lost my account due to mobile factory reset and now not able to play with my original account id 93701458 with monarch name warbirds⁴ in BHB alliance in server 559 and before i lost this account its was not linked with Facebook and now created new account id 107598685 pl pl help me to play with my original account .

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    Xin chào Evony
    Vui ḷng giúp tôi khôi phục lại tài khoản của ḿnh, v́ tôi cài đặt lại máy nên ko truy nhập vào tài khoản cũ của tôi đc, đây là thông tin tài khoản củ của tôi
    SERVER : 402
    ID. : 86483782
    TÊN. : Ice Star
    Liên minh : ISM

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    Hola me pueden ayudar a recuperar mi cuenta cambie mombre de jugador en play store a lether54, cree una nueva cuenta para jugar con el nombrr de canechogamer estan vinculadas en google pero no me habre la cuenta de lether54 me ayudan por fabor gracias de antemano

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    hello evony team please help me
    I lost my account link
    Old ID 25727848 (sever 130+145)
    New ID 108148546 (sever 130+145)
    please link back to me

    nada please help me.. tomorrow is svs i will die
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    I lost access to my main account please help recover.
    Main account EthiopianAir(lvl 20)
    Current account monarch 109862840 (lvl 6)

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    Tôi đă mất tài khoản của ḿnh ở sever 395, id của tôi là 61283166. Nhờ Admin lấy lại tài khoản của tôi đă mất. Tôi xin cảm ơn

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    hi, i lost access to my account.
    name: असुर
    ID: 94089344
    Keep level 25 and Monarch level 22
    server 249
    was linked to my facebook account asura asura

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    I also lost access to my main account.

    name: Wraeden
    ID: 49650240
    server 324
    Keep level 32, Monarch level 31
    was linked to my Google account graavor

    I posted an in-game ticket AND email on Wed. morning 8/04/21 and its now Friday afternoon 8/06/21 and server war starts soon. I have had no response from Evony customer support.

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    Có thể giúp tôi lấy lại tài khoản của ḿnh do lỗi hủy liên kết của tôi. Vô cùng biết ơn. Id 94555645 máy chủ 563

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    I lost my previous kingdom

    How i will interned my previous kingdom
    Name: King Ziko
    Server: 0573
    ID: 96146143
    Alliance : MEL

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    My phone crashed and when evony was started it took new game.

    Please help in connecting my current account with old account

    My previous Monarch id is 80289401
    Server 489

    My new monarch id is 117047542

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    Yesterday I lost both my account .Please tell me what to do.
    How to see monarchs Id

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    Losing many troops

    I have linked secure. but I had not login in game. my bubble expired. why?

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    Please help me to recover my account

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