I really enjoy that we have new buildings in alliances, such as the Alliance City, Farm, Mine, Sawmill and Stone. However, I have a brand new suggestion for Evony that will benefit the entire alliances progression.
This is something I like to call "Alliance Bank".

The alliance bank will be built just like any of the farms and needs to be placed in the hive surrounding the city. All members of the alliance can store resources inside of this bank, however there is a limit per member per day.

For example:
> 1 member can transport 4Mil resources into the bank per day. (4mil because it will be more balanced if they can place 1m of each or 4mil of one)
> Players can withdrew any amount they have put into the bank at any given time.
> Maximum amount an alliance can hold is 100 people at level 5, however setting it to 500Milliom max is ridiculous, we should make it balanced to the farms which is 300million max resources allowed inside the bank at any one time.
> The Alliance bank can never be hit directly by another player, same as the farm. However, if the a alliance city is destroyed then the Bank is automatically destroyed as well and all the resources inside the bank will go back to their individual players.
> The bank should be accessible by the leader, in which the leader can have the option to transfer any of the resources to any player. For example one player is hosting rallies and gets consistent wounded that cost resources to heal, the leader can use resources from the bank and transfer them to the rally host.

I really hope you like this idea and bring it out in the next update, I've shared it with many alliances and they really enjoy it.

Kaution, ID 11078938, server 14.