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Thread: Sprint event only for high level alliances

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    Sprint event only for high level alliances


    It is really good to have different events from time to time, it makes the game more attractive but the last event which is active for the next five or six days has been created only for big alliances. The monsters to be killed, in level 1, have 14.8Mio power!!!! Even with all the members in my alliance we don't have enough power.

    The event should be for all players, not justo the huge ones.

    Thanks for your feedback

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    You do have enough power. Its called use 10 fireworks which reduces monster power by half. Now take 14.9M and divide it by 2. Have a member with a level 23-25 war hall set the rally and have everyone joining send everything. Use your defense and attack buff and have 10 members use fireworks. It's also called teamwork.

    Server 10,
    King Durian.

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    I have to side with Carol on this.

    I'm fairly new still (started about three weeks ago) but my alliance of 24 members has been playing for several months and we total just under 7M power. Our highest level members are only 13's. As most games go, we're never all on at the same time since our members are from different timezones and our occupations demand attention at conflicting times. Taking that in mind, we rarely have enough players on at any one point to total more than 2, maybe 3, million power. Even with all the available item buffs we stand no chance against the level one Nian's that are all around us currently.

    It would be nice if the monster's power scaled based on the alliance's total power and average member level or something similar.

    Also, I consider anyone with a level 23-25 War Hall to be a high level.

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    Dear Liege
    Our developers said that we will review the data and will tweak the monster strength if we can confirm that they are too powerful. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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