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    This game sucks now a days many mistake and i have lost 3 or 4 time all my troop cause of the lacking of the game and i am using money but still custumerserivice can't find those mistake.. i can't even understand how they can run a game with so many mistakes and bad custumerserivice... i am very disipointed
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    Dear Liege
    Could you tell us your user id as well as your device model to check please? Please if possible, please tell us the most recent lag that made you lose your troops. Usually the game lag has no effect on troops performance. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    U have Samsung galaxy 6s edge and i have some pic and repport i can send if u want my id is Afghan lion custumerserivice is not answering and every time i sent a mail they are deleting my mail then i have send a New mail.. i am tired of it i am using money here but I don't get any support from custumerserivice...

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    Dear Liege
    Please click Liege Avatar to check the account ID and tell us.

    Best Regards

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