I played Evony 1 a long time ago so I was really excited when a friend told me he was playing on his phone. I quickly downloaded it and joined his extremely helpful alliance. A lot of things have obviously changed but it was still very similar to what I remember and enjoyed. Our alliance is grouped close to each other to help one another more easily. Now it has become more of a hindrance.

We are the targets of a few high level alliances who members (which are 3 to 10 times our power level) port in, pillage all of us in just a few minutes and then shield or teleport away. There is no time to warn the other members to shield or rally a counter attack. It is severely hurting the morale of the alliance.

I have read other suggestions of a cooldown after certain actions and I wholeheartedly agree. A player shouldn't be allowed to shield or teleport away immediately after attacking, or bullying in our case.

Thanks for reading this far,