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Thread: The lost city of bubble world(server 15)

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    The lost city of bubble world(server 15)

    The downfall of bubble world

    Chapter 1
    a long time ago, in a world named evony, was a brand new kingdom on the 15th district. Many new players came from around the world to start a new life in a so called new world. During the first few days, everyone had high hopes of growing and building, so many players started settlements in order to provide housing for the strongest of warriors. From the ashes arrose 4 new kingdoms. Old school, doom squad, rebel allaince, and order of the dragons. Rebel alliance and order of the dragons leaders instantly fell in love and created a blood pact, physically and so much more sexually. Doomsquad quickly learned about the allaince. They quickly moved in and burned most of the order. They cried to the kingdom and than decided that doomsquad had to be taken down. Doomsquad fought for hours and even days. While these 3 allaince fought, they did not realize that old school broke apart, creating a new settlement by the name of dynasty
    to be continued

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doom and Gloom View Post
    I was in both...i miss dynesty!
    hello, how old are you ?

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    Guys, I think online rpg and warcraft are interesting games for playing. I played them a lot and used from time to time when can not get access to my account or gaming sites. Just try really fixed some bugs.

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