Hi there.
I'm having a problem with the food in my city and its costing me millions of food. I've spent alot of money on my account and have the max amount of farms witch are all 25. I've also researched everything that helps produce more food and all the research that reduces troops upkeep. In detail on the game it's telling me my production of food 1,103,999. My upkeep for my troops is 673,050 so I should be producing 430,949. But I've been collecting all the food from farms taking a screenshot and leaving the and leaving my account for a set time. When I've been returning I collect all food again only to find my food has decreased instead of in creasing. My food seems to be dropping by about 400k an hour. So I'm losing out on about 830k food every hour. I've tried many times to talk to support and sent many screenshots. I'm not sure if they don't understand what I'm saying but keep returning with one line sentences witch don't explain nothing to do with my problem. Many thanks Col