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Thread: Hit and run players

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    Hit and run players

    There are a lot of hit and run players in this game. I believe this is not a fair way of playing. Port somewhere, hit everyone and then leave or but a 8 hr bubble over your city takes away the fun for other players.

    I think there should be a cooldown on truce after you attacked a player, maybe a few hours before you can use truce? This way you keep the game more realistic (where in a real fight can you hit someone andd then make yourself untouchable?) and give people a chance to fight back.

    Also, I think teleporting should have a 24 hour cooldown as well, for similar reasons.

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    Oh and please remove the annoying best deal / sale / bonus advertertising every time I open the app... The big players (coiners) already make it very obvious that you need to spend money to play the game. Try focussing a little bit more on the game and a little bit less on selling stuff. People will also buy the packages without having them shoved in their faces every time they open the app.

    They are clearly visible the whole time you are playing in the top of the screen, seems enough to me...

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