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Thread: Alliance cities

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    What would be an effective strategy/use of alliance city as a trap during SVS; or how best to use an alliance city aggressively... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfeather View Post
    any idea on audacity temp mail origin when there going to add that ability? doesn't make sence to have lvl numbers if they had no intention on being able to upgrade them.
    How do you lvl up the alliance buildings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Durian View Post
    The point of the alliance Stick your troops inside if you think someone is going to attack it.
    How do you lvl up the alliance buildings?
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    Does anyone have any tips on building the alliance city. Our alliance has tried a couple of times, but we never seem to be able to complete in 24 hours.

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    How to win thief regal!???

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    I have some login issues i open the app but dark screen comes

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    Dear, if you issue fixed now? Have you contact our customer support team via Facebook private message or in-game support?

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    The more people you have reinforcing the banner the faster the alliance city will be built. Also the more troops you can use to reinforce it the faster the building will be built.

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    Under Alliance Science how to change which science that the alliance would like the members to do first?

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