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Thread: Alliance cities

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    Alliance cities

    How do you demolish enemies alliance city

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    Attack it. If there are troops inside then ask your alliance to help you. If your alliance refuses to help you tell them to grow a pair and help you. All in all attack the alliance city.

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    How do you lvl up the alliance buildings?

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    any idea on when there going to add that ability? doesn't make sence to have lvl numbers if they had no intention on being able to upgrade them.

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    The point of the alliance city is for your alliance members to gain the buffs of the alliance city. It will also provide one type of rss to your entire alliance to gather from without harm. Your alliance city doesn't need to be upgraded for now. Stick your troops inside if you think someone is going to attack it.

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    Do you need to teleport inside the alliance city territory lines to receive the buff?

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    You can either be inside the zone or on the line to get buffs

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    When an enemies occupies. How do i get them out?

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    You attack and destroy their troops

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