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Thread: General gear

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    General gear

    I'm totally confused about entire gear aspect of game.
    1. Each piece of gear I craft can be used by 1 general?
    2. Can only star gear with gold?
    3. Can only star gear when forge isn't crafting?
    4. Gear is used to make each general have unique attributes?
    5. Gear should be changed and monitored often?
    6. Monarch gear and general gear work basically the same?
    7. Am I totally off base and wrong about gear and it's uses?

    Most these questions are yes or no but elaborating would be appreciated. I haven't read thru the forum yet so if ?s are answered elsewhere I'll delete this thread if possible.

    Thank you Evony family for your help

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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. That is no longer the case with newest update. Should be able to star regardless.
    4. In addition to troop buffs, each gear adds to generals total power, which adds to your march power and makes it more likely to win attack.
    5. That's up to you. I keep best gear on my bedt general. The rest get hand me downs.
    6. Yes in that they add to buffs.
    7. You're pretty close.

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    Don't Star blue equipment. Wait til you can make purple gear and have your generals wear that. Once you get purple gear wait until you can make the second level of yellow gear.

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