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Thread: Upgrade monarch gear?

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    Upgrade monarch gear?

    How do i upgrade my monarchs gear?

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    You craft new gear in the forge

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    Or star your existing gesr in the forge to increase its attributes

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxKingOdinxx View Post
    How do i upgrade my monarchs gear?
    Dear Lord/Lady
    You can craft higher quality equipment or star your current equipment in the Forge.

    Best Regards

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    the question was How do I upgrade my Monarchs gear.

    you have to have 3 pieces for each level equipped the gear to monarch and there will be a upgrade button. you will need 3 pieces for each level so a lot of level 1 pieces will be needed to go from level 1 to level 6 monarch gear.
    This question is not for general gear

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    Sorry mistead. In newest update i belueve you can combine 3 low level to make a higher level from the gear interface.

    Previously the monarch had to wear the gear before you could upgrade.

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