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    You require in any event lvl 4 thunder ruler adapt. You need to battle supervisors with cavs as it were. Your examination ought to be 10/10 for the essential cavs stuff and no less than 15/20 for the progressed cavs explore. At that point you need to send a full walk of cavs at them. With this you ought to have the capacity to be a lvl 10 manager with 130,000 level ten steeds and a lvl 9 with 100,000 level 9 ponies et cetera. I have my cavs look into maximized for everything and with a walk of 250,000 I get 300 injured Tutuapp 9apps Showbox on a lvl ten independent from anyone else. I can even solo a lvl 11 supervisor in the event that I extend my walk
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    Anyone know how many archers it takes to take a witch 3 or b12 down with T12 archers with max tech? I know they are really close to each other power wise. 9Apps VidMate Cartoon HD
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