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Thread: can i send more than 2 army's ?

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    can i send more than 2 army's ?

    how many troups can i send to a atack.

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    can you send more than 2 marches? Yes you can. You just need the research to get 4 marches and if you want the 5th one then you need VIP status.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willem114 View Post
    how many troups can i send to a atack.
    Hi Willem,
    You can send one army in the beginning, using your academy you can research to increase that by 1, it can be found under your military research tree and its called "Formation". In that same tree you can go further down and research Adv Dispatch, this increases it by another 1. Right at the bottom of the same tree is one more that will increase the march size by 1 more. Your VIP status will grant you 1 extra march slot. Take note getting to 3 march slots will take some time to do and getting to 4 slots will take the longest.
    If you want to send allot of troops per army sent, just make your "March Size" larger. Also found in the Military research tree called coordination. increasing march size can also be done by upgrading your "Rally Spot", its the large flag found by where your troops stand and wait for your input.
    Hope this helped!

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    You can get to 5 i think. At the end of the military research.

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