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Thread: Account recovery issues

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    Need account recovery. Have submitted ticket in game from an account on another server, and waited for 2 days with no response.
    Monarch name: Heropup1
    Old account number: 174507427

    New account number: 176037551

    Server 991

    Purchases were made on this account as well, and receipts were sent via attachment in support ticket.

    I would really appreciate a quick response.

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    Intento cambiar de una cuenta a otra pero no puedo y no consigo entrar en la cuenta. Por favor, pueden arreglar eso. El servidor es 494

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    Angry Không thể đăng nhập vào Evony

    Tôi không thể đăng nhập được vào Evony từ 7h AM giờ GMT+7 ngày 27/04/2022. Có ai có cách khắc phục không?z3371938605281_b6910dfb222a55d398f98e690ebd36cb.jpg

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    I lost my account as it unlinked from Game Center when the game was deleted on istore
    Lost my main account when I switched to my smaller account
    Tried to get a new one to post the id here
    The account won’t link anywhere else either
    Tried deleting it on Facebook, still shows up

    My main account is
    Server 203
    ID 32257432

    Please help before svs in 24 hours
    Don’t want to quit the game if I get zeroed

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    I need help recovering my account. I can not get into it.

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    Hacked account

    Please someone has my log to my evony account and has refused me from logging and also threatening to kill all my troops if I continue disconnecting him.
    Pls help me it a k32 is:108463501

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    Please help. I just had to factory rest my phone...that messed up Google play .now Google play won't let me use my user name ! To open evony .I was linked to Facebook but as it was a total clean that too won't now allow me access.
    I have my ID number 177479548. You can email me on the mail linked to the game ...I have a bubble due to drop and we are in the middle of a SW. Thank you Pete .

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    Account Hacked

    My account got hacked and I can’t log back in. I have tried everything and it won’t let me back in. It keeps saying my account is logged onto by someone else.

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    This is to Everyone I’ve been playing since it started and have to re-lot in every 6 months or so and this time after I enter my facebook they changed it to someone’s else’s messaged customer Support many times with no response, it just keep saying Fail to load comments. Still haven’t heard from them long time spender and player. If they can’t fix this I’m done.

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    i lost my account when my app froze,
    Old ID 168662702
    Name Rahman22
    Server 1006

    I started a new account but would like my old one back
    New Id 186328447
    Name monarch 186328447
    Server 1006

    Id transaction

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    I lost my account tryong yo link it.
    Name Garift
    Server 1070 together as one.

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    Dear James
    I lost my main account in server355 Account i see on device is Plut
    the lost account is GrW

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    I cannot register to my old account as this game (Evony) told me to log in to my Google play account.
    My game name is : Mr.Evan

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    Please, I had to format my phone today. I reinstalled the game and could not access the game. What should I do ?
    my game name is: EstebanGTA i can't login in my google account

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