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Thread: Account recovery issues

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    How to switch between two accounts in one device?

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    and game improvements. Give your customers the freedom to choose which server to log into and save endless account recovery threads something to mull over for future reference.. Kodi nox
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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. We have made a check and found your ID 17956834 is linked to both Google Play( Account ID: G:16008907061) and Facebook ( Account ID: 100431411468193). Please kindly try to switch the account in-game. And check whether you can log in to your account. Thank you.

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    Dear, you need to link these tow accounts to Google or Facebook. You could find the switch account option in the setting, account, switch account. Thank you.

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    Dear, your account 25775981 is linked to both Facebook and Google accounts. Please kindly try to switch the account first.

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    Please help me to recover my game progress as well!
    Account Info: YesWeCan lvl28 VIP15
    Server: 302
    It was not linked to any account before. I missclicked and deleted my progress when I tried to link it to my AppleID:
    Please help!

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