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Thread: Help Make Evony's Localization Better

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    Olá todos do jogo Ébano meu nome é Carlos moro na cidade de Porto Alegre Brasil estou jogando a cerca de 40 dias mais ou menos e o meu servidor é o 242.

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    I can help with this langue for the game. + Lithuanian s one of leading countries on spending time for gaming but we dsnt have anymore massive game for our players to offer so I can be usual for marketing in that country to.Kodi nox
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    Hello I have for gotten my Evony Account it is Lord Virgo

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    Hello evony forum...I have some complaint about gaming
    1.We who use to play without investing money...its too tough to get those dragon egg from all star battlefield... Please do something we all do wanna taste all flavor of can this be possible if you guys set too tough challange to get those egg...if you guys can do something...please we are looking forword to your decision
    2.translation is too worst...please do something to upgrade translator..
    3.please do some interesting quest for us...low level players to grow fast.
    Server 397

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    I can help with Japanese. My ID: 44109530

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    I could possibly help with some German
    ID: 124397141

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    I need everyone to join my alliance called [KnT]Knightz if anyone sees this please do so

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