Players attacking you with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 thousand troops, and you have a whopping... 8? 10? 12 thousand troops? There's no defense. Have 10k traps means nothing when your 200k power army gets wiped by a 50k troop wave. Day, after day, after day... A different player each time.

It gets old. This game becomes a heal and rebuild game, giving us little guys absolutely no chance to build up.

Coming from Age II, I've seen a lot of good things with this app. The downside is resources, though. The need for resources is justifiable, and the gathering rate is balanced, but what it comes down to is that is it infinitely easier to farm 5 cities instead of waiting 3 hours to farm that level 5 resource valley. You'll also get different types of resources by farming players.

I'm very happy to see that generals aren't granted exp from player cities. The bad news is that you're going to farm players for resources, and their army is going to suffer. Many players of my alliance have quit due to the fact that they simply don't want to waste the time rebuilding everything.

There's no reason for a player who just hit level 6 and has 10k troops to lose it all to somebody who sent 50k troops to attack. And traps right now seem utterly useless (4k fire arrow 2 only gets 12 kills?).

You can't add limitations to attacks, they will be abused.
You can't limit the number of attacks per day, that's silly.
You can't overload defenses, that's unfair.

There are players hitting 10 million power in three weeks. Give everybody else a chance. Let us close our gates and protect what little troops we have.

Thank you.