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Thread: No where to get help or guildance

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    No where to get help or guildance

    1. How do i retrieve gold from my subordinate city
    2. How do I kill 2000 enemies in PVP
    3. What is the purpose of Patrol? it seems like i get nothing out of it other than pressing the reset button which only changes scenery/character etc. Other than that it serves no purpose & i gain nothing from it. Am I missing something?
    4. How do I view the subordinate cities ive attacked and own?
    5. How do i capture prisoners? do i have to attack cities? ive attacked cities but it doesnt seem the place to capture enemies.
    6. After someone attacks me does my city buff automatically to prevent othera from attacking?. I have the option to buff my city, everytime i click on buff it does nothing.

    Appreciate if you can assist

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    1. GEMS are automatically transferred from sun cities
    2. EITHER attack a city or attack groups that are farming.
    3. Patrol is just a way of getting low grade items for free
    4. Click on the 3 dot menu to open and the click sub cities icon.
    5. Only get prisoners when people attack you.
    6. NO, you must manually use truce buff but it will,cover all sub cities also. Also note that truce buff does NOT stack. So using 2 of the 8 hours truce items does NOT give you 16 hours

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