One thing that always drives me away from these games is the players that spend the most always join the same team. It really kills the fun for everybody else. I quit server 2 because all the top players joined the same team (SAN), and 2/3s of the other big players on the server hid behind them like sheep. Then I moved to server 4 and it was the same sht. All the top players became SOG and basically farmed the server out of existence, I guess they just wanted to play alone and circle jerk each other and feel special. I wish big coiners could grow some fkn balls and make the teams more even like round picks in sports. Does anybody stick around to watch USA play against Bangladesh in basketball? If u were a good ball player would u even play for Bangledesh? Fk no. Ppl want an even battle. If you like to coin big and play, do us a favor and help add some diversity to the servers instead of being fkn sheep. Hope things are different on server 10.
Rant over.