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Thread: Poor Customer Support

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    Poor Customer Support

    So after reporting an issue to said support about 2.5ml troops just disappearing with out being attacked or dying due to insufficient food. They reply to tell me truce packages do not stack. Which has nothing to do with the troops going missing. I then respond explaining this and they tell me to send battle reports of which again I told them I was not attacked and the troops had just gone missing due to clearly a glitch in the game. My game then appereared to get pink squares all over screen and guess what happened next I lost a further 200k worth of troops with no attacks again. So I screen shot these pink squares and showed them to support and they just said there was nothing wrong that they could see and closed my account.

    I do hope this is resolved and my full 3ml worth of troops are restored ASAP or I shall be taking out a full refund of the 100 spent on a game that doesn't work via Apple.

    I'd say kind Regards but I don't mean it. So I will end with one pissed off customer expecting a solution!!!

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    Same as every other game mate fucking devs all they care about is taking your money .Hit them with a problem and it's your fault.Useless set of Cunts������

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    I've gone to Apple for a full refund it's in the process as these twats won't pull there finger out of their ass.

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    What makes it worse is that no one ever replies on here or support until days after.

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