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Thread: Terrible customer service

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    Terrible customer service

    This game has demonstrated poor customer service since I began. I contacted support regarding a purchase for a mere $4.99 that charged me, but the game crashed and I never received my items. In the days it took to get a response, I also used 52 general upgrades. It used them, but the level never moved and they were not applied. I believe it was because it exceeded the monarch ranking, but it still used them and didn't upgrade. I added that to the complaint and they responded by refunding only 50. I told them I was owed 2 more and my initial missing package and they said there was nothing they could do. I also lost 56k troops to an empty city. I submitted that with screenshots asking why and they told me to check the battle details. I am so frustrated and disappointed with the level of support at this point. There have been several glitches that affect game play, but getting a useful response from support is impossible. I'm not spending anymore until they fix thier customer service problems.

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    Sorry, please let us know your Player ID or character name here. We'll invesitgate this soon.
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    Hi James,

    I am also having trouble getting a response from customer support. I am a UK based player but, unlike others from here, my prices are all in dollars. When I've made purchases I've been charged significantly more than the UK prices (93.99 for a 79.99 pack for example). I've posted screen shots to support and explained what is wrong but have not had a response and it has been 2 days. Not only am I owed a credit for previous purchases but I'm unable to make any further ones as the price is wrong. Can you please try to get me some assistance? My ID is 10483335.

    Many thanks

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    Still no response. I'm about to contact Apple for a refund

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    Sorry for this delay, we'll look into this as soon as possible.
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    Please continue the talk there. Please rest assured all requests will get responded.
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