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    What is a relic?
    Do I need many troops be for I visit it?
    Are my troops at risk?

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rommel View Post

    What is a relic?
    Do I need many troops be for I visit it?
    Are my troops at risk?

    Thank you.
    Dear Lord/Lady
    Please attach a screenshot of the item so that we know which feature you are talking about. You can try upload the pictures to or and then paste the link here. If you are using a PC, you can attach the picture by using our reply toolbar to attach the pictures. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    It is labeled "Relic" on the map and looks like a big hill.

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    The support does not even know a Relic. 😂😂😂

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    Yes you need troops,the more the better,and I don't think they are at risk

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    You can open a relic with treasure maps any person in alliance can share coordinates and the more of you there are the less likely someone can steal it

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    Relics are considered as tiles so if you are going to open a relic be careful because someone might attack it. If you open a level 1 relic you are okay, level 2 relic, you are okay. Level 3 you might not be and level 4 umm good luck.

    Server 10,
    King Durian

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    You explore relics and accumulate rewards, but are at risk. I had my entire party killed off when attacked at a relic. I wasn't there as part of my Alliance , though.

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    How do you know when you see a relic? I haven't come across any that I know of yet. .. Any clues?

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    It looks like a pyramid excavation site

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    How do you get a treasure map? And how do you open a relic?

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    You get a treasure map from killing bosses. I really hope you just figured out the answer to your second question. The second question shouldn't even be asked. Since you asked I shall answer. You open a relic like how you open your rss boxes, gem boxes, and etc.

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    I did figure it out... Level 7 boss possibly drops treasure map... And yes, I did figure out part 2....

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