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    Forge build.

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but could you tell me how to produce gold and how to increase that production in the app version of the game please
    Yes one Question nags at me. Where is this forge, and how does one begin building it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by onnoe View Post
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    time frames and so forth so please go through it first before posting:

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    I can't finish the Mysterious Puzzle Maya 13 (the 4th chest) I'm on pc and it looks like it's going too fast, need help please

    ACCOUNT ID 242595646 Click image for larger version. 

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    My account have a glitch when ever i try to join battlefield. When i try to enter battlefield, there is pop box message saying "Please check if you have troops waiting for treatment"

    When i try to join this battlefield, i got no troops wounded, or outside city or inside bunker.

    Please help me if any1 have a same problem and can solve this.


    My ID : 218823016

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