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Thread: Please Read First.

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    I didn't Link game progress need help to recover it

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    I didn't Link game . Got a new phone.I.d :27220228 Rayden 19

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    Evony a des bugs. J'ai perdu des ressources et des diamants qui n'etait plus dans mon inventaire. Aujourd'hui, j'ai fais svs et perdu mes troupes. Pour la reanimation de mes troupes, je dois prendre 90m de fer alors que j'ai 259 sources de vie. C'est le meme probleme pour reanimer mes generaux alors que j'ai 23 roche de vie. Le systeme ne m'offre meme pas d'utiliser mes sources de vie et mes roches de vie.

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    Hi Admin, I had 21,000 gems in the afternoon and I logged in a couple of hours later and I only had 14!!! Someone took all my gems. Can you please let me know how this could have happened? And can you put them back in my account? I was very disappointed. I'm AtlantiaPoli with the WYR alliance.

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    Tôi ID 28112630 muốn được giúp đỡ

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    Tôi gửi yêu cầu giúp đỡ sao không có phản hồi vậy

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    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post
    Dear Lords
    Please feel free to ask any questions about Evony Mobile. And if you met any problems in the game and would like to report it here, please let us your ACCOUNT ID in your post. Sometimes a screenshot would be of a great help.

    And please also feel free to ask questions on how to use the forum or give suggestions to the forum. And we will update this post. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    Yes , I need help, Please could you tell me how to produce gold and how to increase that Omegle production in the app version of the game please and could you also help me onwhat kind of ability "wind Grail"?

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    And please also feel free to ask questions on how to use the forum or give suggestions to the forum. And we will update this post. Thanks. Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    Hi, I have managed to somehow unbind my account from my google play account. Could you rebind 39416848 to ?

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    Por favor me ajude a recuperar minha conta.
    Usuário: Galadryel
    Servidor: 266
    Aliança: Impérium (IMP)
    Coordenadas:. X: 0919 Y: O323
    Sempre que tento acessar aparece novo jogo e trocar de conta também não ajuda.

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    Вопрос Админу: в сундуке снаряжения не добавляется снаряжение монарха. После нескольких десятков неудачных добавлений решил разобраться с этой проблемой.
    Альянс TVV ID:46412197

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    the best idea isn't to produce gold , its to collect it , your Keep has a set value claim it daily , when you tap your warehouse , it gathers gold from your sub cities , depending how lucky you are you can collect gold boxes as Spin the Wheel of Fortune an hope for the best ,hunting Goblins an doing the Viking challenges are also are good ways of gathering gold .. happy hunting

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    A friend of mine from server 294 game name KUAN TAI KUM with id 45502202 has lost his account as he switched to his other account on server 436 with game name of LIUKAN sorry I don't know that id but I know that he was in alliance VIVA LAS VEGAS. He wants to come back to his account.on server 294 but ebony says that he has vinculated his account on 436. His account on server 294 was linked to game center and the other one was linked to facebook.

    I want to know how he can get get back to his main account on server 294.

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    Nobody is answering my ticket for help

    Game ID 15282067
    I've been unable to get an answer from Kenneth for over a month. Back on NOVEMBER 22 my game froze and kicked me out as soon as someone started attacking me. I tried putting on a bubble but I was booted from game repeatedly. I've sent 24 messages to support and no answer. This is beyond pissing me off.
    I'm out almost 80m of each resource. 228 days of healing, and I still need to spend 18,000 gems to recover my siege.
    PS. I was not the only one having problems on this day with getting booted. Our whole alliance was complaining about it.

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