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Thread: My game

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    My game

    Hey guys I'm hoping to get a response on how you guys are going with getting my account up and running again it's almost been 24 hrs since I've lost access using your switch account button in settings
    Server: two
    Monarch name: ni_eal

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    I put $133 into game in the first six hours to build up nice and quickly I played for another 12hrs but have not been able to get back in ever since

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    Dear Leader
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please give us the account id which you can see on the same server. And then we can help retrieve your account ni_eal. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    The game that is loading is by the monarch name: no right. the game should be ni_eal

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    I just want to play Evony with the account I put money on which is on server two and has the name ni_eal what can we do here???

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    If we get this fixed I am never going to touch the switch account button ever again

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    The account that is linked but the wrong one is Id: not right and the account should be Id: ni_eal

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    it's now been over 15 hrs since last contact from you guys and I've been attacked.... I've been trying to get help from the in-game customer support but again it's been over 15 hours since last contact from you guys ( is that you James trying to help me through in-game customer support?)
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    Dear Lord
    I and the in-game support are not the same person. And our admin told me that he's helped retrieved your account. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Thank you for your reply it is still not linked properly and sorry for pestering

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    Dear ebony support,
    Thank you so very much for understanding and fixing this dilemma, I appreciate the work you put in for me in resolving this issue, sorry for any misunderstanding and causing any more issues than you needed.
    Much appreciated NeoN

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