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    Suggestions and Feedback

    Here's a suggestion. Follow up with your Customer Support tickets! I have been trying for a month to recover my main account, and all I got was a question to that effect. It's now been 2 svs's, so I have no choice but to create a brand new ticket everyday that this isn't resolved. If this issue can't be resolved then say so. How hard can that be? Meanwhile, I get answers to petty issues caused by the recent "maintenance" (aka server crash), but no one seems to have the time fix this major issue...?
    Here's some feedback...
    There's a reason why people are incredibly dissatisfied with Customer's the lack of support.

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    Getting rid of Tyche's wheel seems really greedy. This was one way people could potentially get really great rewards through being active players. The odds of winning the best prizes were slim and it would takes months to collect a full set of scroll fragments without spending money, but you are eliminating one of the best prize events. On top of that, plenty of people spent 100's of dollars getting coins to try to win Supremacy Scroll Fragments and now you are removing the only current way to get these. You've basically screwed people who spent money and don't have a full set and now have no way to continue to collect fragments. I understand the need to have revenue coming in, but you're also killing people's interest in the game

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