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Thread: General disappearing

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    General disappearing

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but I started a new game with the Russian culture, and when I reached the Keep level 9 (according to the storyline) I was supposed to get a new “historic” purple general. With the American culture here you would get John Paul Jones, with the Arabic you would get Tariq ibn Ziyad, with the Japanese Tachibana Muneshige, with the European Belisarius, etc.
    With the Russian culture I supposed to get Yermak Timofeyevich the Cossack warrior but after it pops up as a “new general” it disappears and I can’t find him anymore. Not on my general’s list, nowhere. Probably nobody cares about it, but it annoyes me so much because I like the authentic feature of this game with the historic generals.

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    I also can't fiind them. I have 16 generals and i ca-n are in nu list only 5. I want improve them and i când. Where are they???

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    I have five generals but can only see one, how can I view the missing generals?

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    How can I assign a General to my Military category? It is frustrating.

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    You appear to be talking about sub city clues, I'm not really sure what situation or game you're referring to. But geometry dash bloodbath is is different, experience now

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