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Thread: Camp improvements

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    Lightbulb Camp improvements

    The “camp” feature is useless as is. The documentation says you can attack from camp, which is true, but if you send 300k troops to an distant area with several monsters you want to kill and attack one, the troops then return to the main city after killing the first monster!

    After attacking, troops should return to camp, not to the main city.

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    When I join a rally, is there any benefit of sending one of my best generals and cavalry? Or, does the level of my contribution not matter at all for the other player or me.?

    How do I increase my VIP number.? It seems as if it can give a lot of benefits.

    I am sure I will have echatspin many others, but for now these are the things I’m curious about. Thank you very much for taking echatrandom the time to read this, and hopefully answer some of my questions.
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