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Thread: General Fragments

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    General Fragments

    Many of us Old players have older generals such as Scipio and Alfred, yet these fragments are impossible to come by because these generals are not in the tavern, or relics or great general chest and they are not in the premium chest package either. Many of the older players have sold extra generals for gold and runestones before the Ascension event, so I think itís only fair that these old generals at least get added into the tavern or relics to give old players a chance to collect their fragments. Then we can spend or gather for Blood of Ares.

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    General fragments

    It would be nice to be able to sell or trade fragments with other members, to help them get generals.

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    To help other members get champions, you can sell or trade shards with them for upgrades and changes, the octordle will give you some puzzle basics from

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    Not just fragments but I spend money to buy packages. We should be able to gift generals to other alliance members. This would help the alliance and allow many more members to participate in world competitions

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