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Thread: warning against illegal third-party purchase

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    warning against illegal third-party purchase

    Evony came to the alert about illegal purchases from third parties, first of all I am against this type of activity, but this practice is a reflection of Evony's own actions, saying that evony is fair game is a lie, evony is not fair it is a game where whoever spends more is the strongest, evony every day has been making it difficult to get gems and increasing the ways to spend gems, everyone wants to have a good general with good refinements, dragons, civilization equipment. I've been playing evony for over a year now and I didn't get even a piece of civilization equipment, so don't say it's fair game, because it's not, that's is far off this, not all players can buy a pack in evony or they can't always buy .
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    I agree with you. But lot of guys from my server 1208 uses 3rd party software for automation, lot of alt account for rss transfer to main account and selling alt accounts to others…I have given all details with screenshots to Evony team but they know that before me and they are not interested to take action on them …Lot of people leaving this game due to this reason…now Evony is not a game for the is a business to earn money

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    Well said. Evony knows what they are doing in making it hard to win any soul crystals to revive troops. They fix it to make you spend money to rebuild after an attack. They also take excessive power from a player after an attack so they have spend money to rebuild.. my advice after playing over a year is to stop spending money on this rigged game.

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