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Thread: Holy palace not producing horns

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    Holy palace not producing horns

    My palace is at level 11 and the info says production should be at 4, but when I look inside it says 0/hour and 0/30.

    Does production only start when the deserter count is met or what. Thereís nothing saying what triggers production or if itís 4 per day or 4 per hour or anything.

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    who can help me with such a problem?

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    Typical Evony. The same is happening to me.I watched my holy palace not produce horns for 4 hours. They never compensate the losses and Their customer support will not respond. When they do, it will be an automated response without ever addressing the issue at hand. Bad customer support. Whatever you do, stop spending money.

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    It says my horn production is nine per hour and I have troops in my sacred sanctuary. Is the 9 merely inserted at a set moment every hour, click on football legends to play the famous soccer game

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