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Thread: Fabulous vacation in Dubai

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    Fabulous vacation in Dubai

    Much earlier traveled across Europe, traveled practically all countries. At the numerous persuasions of our mutual friends, we all went together for a long-awaited vacation in Dubai. We were here for the first time, but these two weeks of paradise flew by like one moment. It has a great climate, every day of our vacation was sunny and full of adventure. The Persian Gulf was friendly: the water is clear, and the beach is clean. Had a good time on dune buggies dubai. In our hotel L. R. Meridian, which is in the Dubai Marina area, the service was perfect. So I recommend to stay here!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    It sounds like you had an amazing time in Dubai! I've always wanted to visit there, and your description is making me even more excited to go. The clear waters and clean beaches of the Persian Gulf sound fantastic, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your time on the dune buggies in Dubai! The L.R. Meridian hotel in the Dubai Marina area also sounds like a great place to stay. Have you ever considered checking out for your next vacation? It's another beautiful destination with great weather, stunning beaches, and excellent service. You should definitely look into it!

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