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Thread: Car radio with navigation

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    Car radio with navigation

    I need a new car stereo navigation system for my BMW 5 series. I understand that this is not the topic, but I can't ask anywhere else. As on the profile forums they write that look on the internet and buy it. Can you advise me where to buy a new one? The old stereo system started to malfunction, a streak in the middle of the screen.

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    Have you tried disassembling your stereo? Maybe it has some contact problems and a bad connection, so it might have problems working, or maybe there was a small bump on the screen and it stopped working.

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    There was no impact, no problems with the car at all. Only a stripe in the middle of the screen and that's all. Some masters say that it is necessary to change the car radio.

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    If you've got a problem of such kind, you surely need the complete replacement. Likely, the reason was either in grid overvoltage but then the sensors or fuses could be burnt, either it's a defect. You may buy the new stereo system. Here at BMW 5 Series F10 Android Car Stereo Navigation you may find a not expensive one. It will work even better than your original one. Moreover, that warranty replacement has expired.

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