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Thread: Hospital forgets to ask for help

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    Hospital forgets to ask for help

    In version 4.34.1 there is still the bug that the hospital often forgets to ask for alliance help to speeds up the healing. Closing the app and restarting it will allways show the hospital with the option and I can thdn tik on it to get the help speeding up the proccess.

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    I am now playing version 4.35.2 and this problem still exists on my iPad. �� please fixt his too. I think it happen about once every three or four times.

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    This happens to me with hospital and troop training. Please fix.

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    And in 4.35.4 the problem still exists, I still have to restart the game sometimes in order to request help.

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    Not only does the hospital forget to ask for help when healing but just now it also did not request for help when upgrading. Restarting the game did show up the request help button for me to tap

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