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Thread: Car rental tips

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    Car rental tips

    In September, me and my girlfriend (both 25yo) will be traveling through Yosemite. we arrive at LAX and don't have a lot of experience renting cars. Are there any car rental services that can be recommended that give fair prices and decent conditions (insurance, fees etc.)?

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    As far as I'm concerned, the best advice you can give someone who wants to rent a car in 2022 is to ask someone who already has experience with car rentals. You are in luck, because I am such a person and I can help you with this. The way I see it, you should go to Miami car rental under 21.
    I have been renting cars from them regularly for half a year and in all that time I have not had any problems with their services and cars

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    Rent early for the best choices. They go fast.
    Costco generally has the best prices, and the cheapest gas, but there are other discounts to be found out there.
    Decide what car you think you’ll enjoy for a long drive, then find out what the reviews of that car say. Some cars are noisy, some cars drive rough. Vans are generally comfortable.
    Rent on a credit card, to get the built in insurance, and then you don’t need to buy the companies.
    Reject most add ons

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    Renting a car has more disadvantages than advantages in my opinion. There is the parameter of risk that many people do not take into consideration. I prefer cabs. Even to transport my dog to a place, I use Pet Taxi on Nicelocal. It's really convenient and the prices are very affordable.

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