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Thread: Change to a new Alliance

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    Change to a new Alliance

    I am currently in an Alliance of a nationality that I cannot understand anything they message me because I don’t speak their language. How to I switch to one I do understand? Thanks!

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    I have the same problem, if you get an answer please contact me and let me know.

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    Cada uno elije donde estar, a veces somos conocidos de algun sitio, mas otros mas otros, mas alguna alianza se une, y nos llevamos estupendo. Solo hay 2 personas con un lenguaje realmente distinto y hay errores de traducción. Otras alianzas se van formando con el tiempo, por afinidad con otros jugadores, también los que se van yendo, se juntan. Es fantástico

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    Si quieren comunicarse conmigo todo bien, hablo español, portugués, ingles y un poco de francés, alemán e italiano. Mi server es 622

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    Go to your Alliance tab, and look for the settings. You should see an option to “Leave the Alliance.”

    Next you’ll want to go to the 3 dots circle, look in the Rankings, then Alliance Power Rankings, to find a list of Alliances on your server.

    You should be able to glance through those offerings to find an Alliance that better nets your needs!

    FUN FACT: there is a “translate” button at the bottom of the emails, and another might also be in the corner of your chat bubble. In email, it looks like a Capital “A”, with arrows to a lower-case “a”. That’s not for capitalization!

    Good luck!

    Lord Bullfrog

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