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Thread: Ladle Crane Specification and PDF Technical Documents

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    Ladle Crane Specification and PDF Technical Documents

    Features of ladle cranes
    Ladle cranes are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. The design conforms to the requirements of international standards.

    Used in steel plant for special craft
    Very reliable, stabel travelling, convenient maintance
    Good in usability, long service life
    High loading ability, high working class
    Our company mainly manufactures ladle cranes with lifting capacity of 5~550t, span of 10.5m~31.5m, lifting height of 1m-30m, working class(A7), also can design and manufacture according to requirements.

    Ladle Crane

    Ladle Crane Application
    It is designed based on the QD type overhead crane.
    Mainly used for transporting, pouring, and charging liquid metal during the smelting process.
    Crane assembly and test accord with No. 375, 2007 document issued by AQSIQ.
    It is applicable in the temperature of -10℃~+60℃, Humidity≤85%; if the temperature is below +60℃, humidity ≤50%. Altitude below 1000m, Power is 3-phase 380v 50HZ(also can be customized according to customerís requirements).

    Ladle Crane Specification and Description
    Mark:for example, ladle crane with lifting capacity of 20/5t,span of 10.5m , it is QDY20/5t-10.5m.

    Ladle Crane Specification and Description

    Note:If some items are without marks,such as lifting height、type of cabin and entry direction、rail type、crane conductor、Mechanism working class、air conditioner etc. it should instruct in the contract or product technical drawing.

    Ladle Crane mainly composed of bridge frame, trolley, traveling mechanism and electrical equipments.

    Note:The main hook is used for lifting steel ladle, the aux. hook is used for lifting other goods; It is not allowed for Main and AUX. hooks to lift two different goods at the same time. When separate working, it is not allowed to exceed the rated lifting capacity of main and aux. Hook. Working at the same time, it is not allowed to exceed the rated lifting capacity of main hook.

    Ladle Crane design drawings
    Ladle Crane design drawings

    Ladle Crane parameter
    QDY Overhead Crane with Hook Foundry 5tQDY Overhead Crane with Hook Foundry 10t

    Note: Control mode for cab operation

    Ladle Crane design and manufacturing and related standards
    GB3811-2008《Crane design standard》
    GB6067-85《Crane safety standard》
    JB/T7688.15《Ladle crane technical conditions》
    GB5950《Crane test standards》
    GB4315《Crane electrical equipments standards》
    GB8918《High quality wire rope》
    GB699《High quality carbon structural technology》
    GB700《Carbon structural steel》
    GB50256-96《Crane electrical equipments check standards》
    GB1479-85《Low voltage electrical basic standards》
    JB7688-95《Metallurgy crane technical provisions and general requirements》
    ZBK26008《YZR Metallurgical uses rotor winding three-phase asynchronous electric technology》
    ZBJ19010《Crane reducer》
    JBZQ4000.1-86《Crane inspection general technical conditions》
    JB1152-81《The boiler and steel pressure vessel butt weld ultrasonic flaw detection》
    GB6333《The electro-hydraulic double-shoe brakes》
    GB9286-88《Paint and varnish film stroke test case》
    GBL0051.1-5-88《Crane hook
    GB5905-86《Crane test specification and procedures》
    GB50257-98《ifting equipment installation project and the acceptance standard》
    Ladle Crane Specification and PDF Technical Documents

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    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive information on ladle cranes. As someone who is not familiar with crane specifications, I found this post to be very informative.
    By the way, have you heard of Smart Engines OCR SDK? It's a new tool that I've discovered recently, and I found it to be pretty handy for managing and processing documents. It can extract data from documents like technical drawings, contracts, and even ID cards with high accuracy and speed, which could have done all this job much easier for you.
    I appreciate your efforts in putting together these ladle crane specifications and technical documents. It's great to have a resource like this for those who need it.

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