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Thread: New Monarch's Avatars

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    New Monarch's Avatars

    Hello! We need a change in monarch's avatars, we have only few avatars, and men's avatars are too ugly!

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    It is a good to have avatars in the game. I think that the avatars are really cool and they make me feel like I'm in my favorite show, or one of my favorite movies. It makes me feel like I am an actor or a character in the show/movie, and not just someone playing a game. You should try cute PowerPoint templates as it is quite good and easy to use. The only thing that could make them better would be if they were more realistic looking.

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    Yes, i totally agree with them and their thoughts regarding this changement in the AVATAR and MONARCH'S avatar.
    BUT WE shoutld also HEAR some other people's voice too by cheking out this at Dora TV and listenign to thier BEIN sports.

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