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Thread: What's the latest news on New World?

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    What's the latest news on New World?

    What's the latest news on New World?

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    There are several a variety of different New World game modes for you to try out in Aeternum. These are War Mode, Expeditions, Invasion.
    Each mode has its own characteristics. And you need to be ready to face players who can be stronger.
    For example, in Invasion PvE defense mode sees 50 players defend their fort from waves of enemies, including the powerful Void Destroyer. If you survive for 30 minutes you win, if not, the territory is downgraded.
    It was difficult for me to do it myself. And I took help from new world boost. These guys know how to help the players. They helped me overcome some of the worst problems that developers put into a game to waste time.

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    it is very interesting for me

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