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Thread: There are 8760 hours in a year.

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    There are 8760 hours in a year.

    8760 hours in a year Assume we want to spend 5,000 hours each year on becoming an expert in whatever subject.

    Then you have 3760 hours each year for sleeping/eating/daily hygiene, which comes out to 10.3 hours a day.

    That means for the other 13.7 hours a day, if you're working on the area you want to become good at, you can become a world-class expert in 2 years.

    In other words - 14 hours a day will make you successful at anything (you'll probably lose all your friends though).

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    You need to be more realistic here and include work/school.

    8,760 hours in a year

    Sleep - 8 hours/day
    Eating/Daily Hygiene/Exercise - 2 hours/day
    Work - 10 hours/weekday (8 work, 1 lunch, 1 drive)

    So this leaves us 4 hours/day on weekdays and 14 hours on weekends. Giving us 48 hours/week or 2,496 hours/year.

    This comes out to about 4.01 years.

    EDIT: Added in break times needed to stay focused and productive.

    But then we also need to take a break in order to maximize productivity. Because after a certain period of focus and work we start to fade into not gaining anything at all.

    We can estimate on average that every 50 minutes we need a 10 minute break.

    So this now leaves us with 3 hours 20 minutes on weekdays and 11 hours and 40 minutes on weekends.

    Giving us 16 hours 40 minutes total on weekdays and 23 hours 20 minutes on weekends. So a total of 40 hours a week or 2,080 hours/year.

    This now comes out to about 4.808 years.

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