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Thread: how to choose cpu cooler?

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    how to choose cpu cooler?

    how to choose cpu cooler?

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    CPU coolers differ noticeably from each other both in design and in efficiency. The main performance indicator of such coolers is the power dissipation indicator. This value should exceed the TDP of the processor with some margin. When choosing a CPU cooler , it is worth considering not only the power dissipation, but also several other characteristics. The air flow rate allows you to evaluate the performance of the fan. The tower design of the coolers allows using several fans (usually two). The speed directly affects the noise level. The minimum frequency is extremely important in this regard. If this figure is very low, then the cooler can run almost silently. The presence of heat pipes helps to improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Many coolers are backlit. This is especially true for game models.

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