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Thread: Which makeup brushes make good paint brushes?

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    Which makeup brushes make good paint brushes?

    Okay, so Teri Litorco turned me onto the idea of using an ELF brush (eyes, lips, face) for drybrushing. Cool, love it.

    I've been seeing these "master class" drybrushes from Army Painter and Artis Opus. Wow, they're freakin' huge. Good for drybrushing and stippling, apparently.

    So, any other makeup brushes that might work well? Especially for stippling. I've just taken to that because my blending sucks, and like the results. Plus it gives some of my old worn brushes a further lease on life. But, at some point I'll need to get new ones, and might as well upgrade at that point too.

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    Artdeco and Kylie are my favorite. Check them out!

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    The right makeup brush can make a huge difference when it comes to applying your favorite lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow. But what about choosing the best makeup brushes for painting? It turns out that there are some surprising similarities between these two seemingly different types of tools. Read and buy makeup products on to find out more!

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