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Thread: People who actually tried sex dolls, how are they?

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    People who actually tried sex dolls, how are they?

    Hey guys. Just wanted to thank you all for answering to my 30th quarantine day thought! I also wanted to say, cause many are asking, that I didn't put the flair, no idea how and why it appeared, and it seems that I'm not allowed to remove it. Regarding the comments, it seems like most of the sex dolls/toys are better than taking care of yourself by your own, but they are also quite messy to clean up. What a wonderful insight! Thank you again, my fellow shameless men!

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    Hey! Because of this damn quarantine, I had to give up sex with girls that I used to regularly go on dates and have sex with. For this reason, I started using these real dolls
    Believe me, sex with these dolls is no worse than sex with a real woman!

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