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Thread: Needed feature: Exile Player option

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    Needed feature: Exile Player option

    You seriously need to address the rogue players that probably every server has. For the most part servers have 99% good players that want to work together as a server but there’s always a player or two that suck the life out of the game. I have seen numerous good players leave the game after spending hard earned money because of these idiot players that refuse to play by server rules.

    My suggestion is an Exile Player feature. Perhaps a throne option for the king to initiate. A rogue player is chosen by the king. Maybe it costs gems or RSS or something. Once the rogue player is chosen then a vote is cast by the R5s of the top 5 or 10 alliances whether or not to exile the player off the server.
    The exiled player can be removed from the server and transferred to another server - an isolated server where all exiled players go. That way they can all still play on a server and it won’t matter if they are still jerks or not.

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    Agreed. It needs to be more thoroughly vetted like the top 10 alliances can all vote not just R5. And there would have to be like a 3-6 month cool down to stop it being abused too much. You would also need an ability to bring a friend with you if you were exiled (at a nominal cost of course) should your friend wish to keep playing with you on your new server. But get rid of all the problems. My server is ready to call it quits on the game due to one bad apple ruining it for the rest of the server. It would not be so bad if he violated the T.O.S for the game, but he knows how to skirt the rules. With the amount of money most people have invested in the game so far I doubt they would be interested in starting over on another server but would likely find a new game.

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