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Thread: Account help - linked improperly

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    Account help - linked improperly

    Hello, I need some admin help. The desired result = Account ID:119314139 should overwrite what is in the linked Google account.

    The story:
    1. I started playing Evony on my android and got up a few levels (LV5Monarch119314139)
    2. I then wanted to play in the Bluestack emulator so I installed that and downloaded Evony
    3. I believe I incorrectly linked that new bluestack install to Google
    4. Back on my phone, it would not let me overwrite the 'new' profile (ID: 119667909) with my original (ID: 119314139)

    Is this something you can help with? Thanks!

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    I have resolved the problem on my own. In short:
    1. Unlink the newer account
    2. Wait a few minutes
    3. I went to my phone account and linked that one.
    4. Wait a few minutes
    5. Went back to the Bluestack emulator, linked it, and it properly asked if I wanted to overwrite the newer account with the phone account (which I did).

    All set!

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