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Thread: Amount of resources in resource tiles

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    Amount of resources in resource tiles

    Please make it so that the amount of resources in tiles is double ALLOF THE TIME. In other words, the lvl 14 resource tiles should always have 7m resources not 3.5m.

    I have only been playing for 4 months and already some of my generals finish a 3.5m resource tile in 2 hours and 20 minutes!!! This is not healthy for peoples' lives. It places pressure on us to check the game once every 2 hours and 30 minutes making it hard to balance with other things in life.

    Please please please, just make this little change to make the game more enjoyable and sustainable for your users and I think you will keep people playing for longer.

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    Yes, Please make resource tiles double size for always

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    double is always better lol. I do have one question though. How will I get the login and the password? Supposedly you'll send it to me via email after I pay? Is there any way to guarantee that I'll 100% get the account? Just asking to be safe. I would have been better if this thread or contains all the information that I need. I'll see if things work out with this Twitch account because tbh I'm getting a bit bored of Rust. I mean after 2 years playing the same game you'd figure why I'd want to quit it, lol
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    I agree with your opinion. It's so reasonable fireboy and watergirl adventure.

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